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Splash Aquatic provides a
fun and safe way to learn to swim


    3yrs to 5yrs – Preschool Age

  • Tadpoles (Beginners)

    This lesson concentrates on water confidence and water safety. The children are introduced to independent swimming by ways of floating, kicking, turning to reach for the side of a pool, being able to get themselves out independently. Submersion will be introduced once the child becomes more confident in the water.

  • Frogs (Advanced)

    For the more confident child. In this level the children will be encouraged to swim short distance unassisted, with the introduction of freestyle and backstroke arms. Concentrating on the child being able to take a breath and swim to reach for the side of a pool or safety.

  • 5yrs and over - School Age

  • Starfish (School age beginners)

    This level concentrates on gaining confidence in the water and water safety. The children are introduced to basic Freestyle and Backstroke, floating, and diving. Starfish lessons also incorporate safe entry and exit from the pool.

  • Seahorse (School age intermediate)

    Children that now have confidence in the water will now be taught the finer points of Freestyle and Backstoke. Breathing to the side for freestyle and correct arm entry for backstroke. Maintaining the importance of a good body position for swimming. Breaststroke kick and diving are also key factors in this level.

  • Dolphins (School age advanced)

    Children in this level are introduced to breastroke and butterfly as their key learning points. Freestyle and backstorke are still encouraged with longer distances to swim. Maintaining a good diving technique.

  • Mini Squads

    Mini squads focus on technique and endurance, as well as stroke correction and stroke efficency. Introducing drills to assist swimmers master each stroke. Diving, turns & finishers are an important part of this level. * Mini squad. Limited to 12 per class.

  • 6mths - 2yrs

  • Lil' Bubs

    This lesson is aimed at water familiarisation for babies. This introduction is a happy, safe and enjoyable environment for both babies and their parents or carers. Our use of songs, games and toys help babies equate swimming and water safety with fun. The more confident child will be encouraged to explore on their own under the supervision of the parent or carer and always by our instructors.

  • All Ages

  • Adult Learn to Swim

    We do offer Adult lessons for more information costs and times please contact us.

  • Private Lessons

    We do offer private lessons for more information costs and times please contact us