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Splash Aquatic provides a
fun and safe way to learn to swim

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Term Dates

  • Term 1 2017
    Monday 30th January
    Friday 7th April
  • Term 2 2017
    Wednesday 26th April
    Friday 30th June

Visit us at 29-30, 286 New Line Rd, Dural



Everyone can learn to swim at Splash Aquatic. Our classes catering for all ages and abilities. We believe swimming is a skill for life and we offer classes for children from as young as 6 months of age to those wanting to start learning to swim later in life and to everyone in-between.

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Check out our FAQs pages for answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Do all your students come from Dural?
  • What qualifications do your swimming instructors have?
  • Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my booking?
  • Do you have reqular assesment days?
  • Do you swim all year?
  • What happens if I miss a lesson?
  • Who is Splash?

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